Monday, August 29, 2011

Quan Yin posing as Lord Shiva

I came across this beautiful painting today and had to share it.
On Wikicommons, the quote is as follows:

"Quan Yin Posing as Lord Shiva.
Performing a divine dance of creation and destruction Surrounding flames represent the manifest Universe Upper left hand holds angi (fire) - signifies destruction Upper right hand holds a ḍamaru (hourglass drum) - creation Stoic face of Shiva & Quān Yīn represents neutrality and balance Second right hand shows Abhaya mudra - protection from evil & ignorance Second left hand points towards the lifted foot - signifies upliftment & liberation
Dance position performed is in which the universe is created, maintained and resolved."


  1. Please let me know where can I buy this picture.

  2. I bought this picture from a street vendor in New York.. thanks for sharing the meaning. I love the combination of Shiva and Quan Yin, bringing infinite compassion into the great dance