Monday, December 7, 2009

Body Image

Greg Brady as Johnny Bravo

The Greg Brady Project
I can't seem to get Fumie Sasabuchi's work out of my head at the moment. It's not that it disturbs me, but it made me think of my time living in Los Angeles, before I ever really visited other places in the world (Las Vegas doesn't really count!!!). In my time living in West L.A., I have to tell you that almost everyone I met was in some way connected with the movie industry. For instance, nearly everyone had written a screenplay or was in the process of writing one. During my junior year, Jaleel White (aka Erkel) lived down the hall from me, and I used to pass Mayim Bialik (aka Blossom) on my way to class every day, and Danica McKellar (aka Winnie of the Wonder Years) was taking math classes down on the south campus. Add to this the proximity of the San Fernando Valley with its aspiring "stars" and you can begin to see how one's perspective might be a little skewed... I thought all women were blond skinny sticks with two melons... and faces that didn't move when they smiled or cried. At Starbucks, overheard a conversation between an agent and an aspiring "star":

Agent: Your breasts are too small. You're going to have to get them done.
Girl: Of course. Yes.
Agent: We'll foot the bill. I guess you'll do.

I guess she got the job...kinda reminds me of Greg Brady as Johnny Bravo... if the suit fits...


  1. Hello again Elaine,You know I did not think of that prospective but i can see it for sure..I think Fumie's art in a psyc class would be fun.She is haunting isn't she?
    About the girl and agent :)
    I think it is humiliating for women but in reality it is a trade off givin the enviornment. Don't you think? Still it is very sad when it erodes away selfesteem.I will give this some thought:)
    Take Care,

  2. Such is the environment! Still, even with all the weirdness that is L.A., I look upon it with fondness and love visiting whenever I get the chance. When all is said and done, people are people wherever you go!

  3. LOL Wow. Those are some amazing stories. Just running into the near-famous\now-famous is cool enough, but to hear a conversation like that in real life...mind-blowing.