Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Fumie Sasabuchi

I love the work of Fumie Sasabuchi. She studied at Tama University, located in a suburb of Tokyo called Hachioji. She currently shows at Galerie Zink which has three locations (New York, Munich, and Berlin). The reason I'm writing about her is that I greatly admire her work, but that I've stumbled upon other blog posts about her which say that she is a "he." Now, that's just sloppy research... I mean, first and foremost Fumie is a Japanese woman's name (pronounced Fu-mee-ay)... in the way that the name "Mary" is a woman's name without ambiguity, not like the name "Pat" which can be either male or female. She takes images from fashion magazines and reworks them. Death, beauty being skin-deep, the fragility of life itself are issues that she deals with. They are visually stunning pieces and really, I think speak for themselves.


  1. Well, the work is quality and I like the message but I don't fine her work visually appealing. Interesting though.

  2. Really? I like it, though my work is nothing like it. I guess it's just very striking, plus, I like the way she "sees" the bones and muscles beneath the exterior.

  3. Hello Elaine,
    I got notice today that you had begun following my site on Blogged.com.; so today I am luckey I think.. :) You know Elaine, I like your site very much and your bio.Very nice..I
    think your reasoning is sensitive and insightful..I look forward to flowing your work in the future. As for Fumie :) She is very interesting,isn't she?:) yes i also like the way she sees beneath the exterior..I think we can see many things..I wonder what Fumie sees.?. :) strength, structure,uglyness,completeness..hummm I like it.Well Elaine I will not ramble longer.I am follow Delineating Art on Google. For me it is eaiser to see your posts if I put you on my blog roll.

  4. Thanks Carl! And, thanks for the generous review of my site as well! I think Fumie may also be commenting on people's obsession with being thin. Models these days look all skin and bones... Quite unrealistic expectations of our (us mere mortals) bodies to conform to some modern ideal.